We Stand For

As The name resembles "Wellness" we are in health care emphasizing in preventing illness and prolonged life with the support of best treatments. We from Wellness Hospital committed for keeping you cognizant about the health.

We have started with intensive thoughts to extend our support in health care in neighborhood and as such we are with 100 bedded with 3 OT's, NICU & ICU many more facilities.

We made a successful step heading towards Pediatric treatments and High risk pregnancy in the last 6 months and now we are into multi specialties facilitating neighborhood.

About Wellness Hospital

Wellness Hospital inaugurated on the 14th November in 2015 on Children's Day is of its own kind focusing on children and their families to prevent from all kind of illnesses. We have the team of experienced Doctors, Paramedical staff & Nurses which makes us proud to be the best in the Medical Treatment.

We are proud to say 24x7 service providers. And proud to be 7 people behind the thoughts of Wellness Hospital

Dr. Maruthi (Ped Surg.) Spl Int: G.I. Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Madhu Mohan Reddy Spl Int: Urology, Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Raghunath reddy: Spl Int. Low Birth Weight Babies, Critical Cardiac Babies

Dr. Arpitha Reddy: Spl Int Infertility & High risk pregnancy

Dr. Jyothi: Spl Int. Infertility & High risk pregnancy

Dr. Meera Rajgopal: Spl Int. Infertility & High Risk pregnancy

Dr. Pramod Kumar: Anaesthesiologist, Critical care Incharge


To get respected for excellence in patient care and most trusted for care coordinator.


To be the First choice in the people mind when it comes to the critical care.